International Thermal Spray Association
c/o American Welding Society
8669 NW 36 Street, Suite 130
Miami, FL 33166

Phone 800-443-9353  |  FAX 305-443-7559

Below is a listing of the Thermal Spray Association Executive Committee officers. They are thermal spray community representatives, and as such welcome your questions, comments and feedback. You may contact any one individually by phone or via email care of ITSA ([email protected]).

Mollie Blasingame, Chair
Superior Shot Peening | [email protected]

Kirk Fick, Vice Chair
Cincinnati Thermal Spray | [email protected]

Bill Mosier, Executive Officer
Polymet Corporation | [email protected]

Jim Ryan, Executive Officer
TechMet Alloys | [email protected]

Ana Duminie, Executive Officer
North American Hoganas Co. | [email protected]

David Lee, Executive Officer
David Lee Consulting | [email protected]

Adrian Bustillo, ITSA Secretary
Int’l. Thermal Spray Assoc. | [email protected]

Cindy Weihl, Spraytime Editor
Int’l. Thermal Spray Assoc. | [email protected]

Lea Owen, Spraytime Ad Sales
Int’l. Thermal Spray Assoc. | [email protected]